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Press Release

It is not surprising that traditional Hardware shops don't get a lot of press so it's a real temptation to crow when one does. In a regular feature called 'good shop, badshop' in the authoritative trade magazine "Retail Week" published by Emap Retail (Tel: 020 7520 1500, web site:, a customer of ours, in the Oct 6th 2000 edition, kindly said the following:

"They've always got what you want, and if they haven't they'll find something that works just as well. If they can't they're really cross with themselves for having failed in the quest. There's a good ambience and attitude within the store.

"They still sell nails by weight, and you can collect the big stuff from the back door. The store itself is not particularly big, is cluttered and smells of paraffin like all good hardware stores. It's fun browsing and finding what they stock, in case you need it in the future.

"There's an element of discovery about it. It's always my first choice rather than a big DIY store."

Couldn't put it better ourselves!

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