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Chesham Today

Chesham today is an active town of some 20000 residents. It appears physically smaller than it is and housing is spread through the surrounding valleys and hilltops. Industrial estates are scattered throughout the town although most residents commute to work outside the town. Despite this the town has retained a strong community spirit and its residents relish the proximity to the countryside.

Much is made of the industrial heritage in Chesham. I am sure that more wealth is created in Chesham today than has ever been the case in the past. The manifestation of this has changed and you are unlikely to see the traditional labour-intensive activities. Products from high-precision engineering companies through to computer software companies are being made in the town and are being sold throughout the world. Running a business in Britain (and for that matter, Europe) is far from easy these days (and getting more difficult by the week). The remarkable, ingenious, entrepreneurial creators of wealth, both in Chesham and the country as a whole, deserve more credit than they get. Without them, the rest of the jigsaw would not fit together.

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